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By: Lee Child

Relase Date: 2016-11-07

Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers, Fiction & Literature

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Typical Jack Reacher. Sittin alone drinking coffee one minute and up to his eyebrows in beautiful women and bad guys. Sometimes a guy just can’t catch a break.

train guy 101

I love the Reacher stories but this one was long on detail and short on drama. It seemed to drag on and generally I couldn’t wait to put it down and go to sleep. The concluding chapters were fun but the lead up to it was sluggish.


Better than last year's lame offering, but still weak compared to all that built the brand in the early years. Great thrillers build tension; this one doesn't. The antagonists are too thinly sketched to really despise. The trio of 'cooperatives' barely talk, so why use that as a foundation? The twists and turns as the sketch evolves are interesting. The final act is weak. Oh, and pistol cartridges don't shoot holes in things when they 'cook' off; there is no controlled pressure to send them on a high velocity trajectory. That may seem petty, but Lee Childs is known for well researched detail. A lack of believability in a key scene has no place in his work. And what's with the America is better/smarter than Germany vein? Maybe next year will start to sing again.


Sort of an homage to Len Deighton, loved it!


I kept waiting for the typically fast paced, high energy excitement I've grown to enjoy in the Jack Reacher story series. Well, even Babe Ruth struck out some time. This book was worth reading but don't expect it to be up to the same standards we readers have grown to love and enjoy. It's still well written and the dialogue and romance are there. It's just, well, slow paced. Maybe next time...


I am surprised at how bad this book was. I have read all the Reacher novels and used to love them. This book makes me want to stop reading Lee Child all together.

charlie knuckles

Not his best...but still worth it

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