The Perfect Girl PDF Download

By: Gilly MacMillan

Relase Date: 2016-09-06

Genre: Fiction & Literature, Mysteries & Thrillers

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Disappointed. The main plot twist becomes obvious and all goes downhill from there. The beginning was good but the end was rushed.


Started strong, but fell short. Disappointed


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Pretty good. Had a hard time getting into it but glad I read it through.


Definitely found this to be an easy read, I just couldn't put it down. Well written dialogue, good character building and great setting for a whodunit. Midway through, the main twist became predictable and by the end, one character who you think to be relevant turns out to be completely irrelevant and basically could have been left out of the story completely. The outcome though predictable was doubly disappointing because of how abrupt the author is with it. The story is well written and drawn out and then the ending felt like it was rushed through and just thrown at the reader. All nicely summed up with a bow tie. Definitely disappointed. Worth a read, but maybe not worth the money.


I was hooked from the beginning. I was interested in all the characters and felt they had just enough character development. I enjoyed the writing style as well. I get bored very easily when reading and could not put it down!!!


I am an avid reader and, sadly have begun to find that good books are becoming a bit scarce of late. So I was thrilled to find this gem of a book. The characters are genuine and most likable (except for the ones you aren't supposed to like). The main character, Zoe, is so real and her journey so difficult, but you know what a Truly good person she is and what a good, pure heart she has. The pace of this book is just right, as it leads us through to a quite shocking ending - not an abrupt one, it was perfectly paced. Buy this book and if by (no) chance you don't love it, too - look me up and I'll give you five bucks😉

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