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By: Dale Carnegie

Relase Date: 2016-11-17

Genre: Self-Improvement, Self-Development

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This is the second time I’ve read this book. It is a must read for sure one of my favorite books of all time. And I’m sure I’m going to read it for the third time! Dale Carnegie has such savvy advice that works for businesses and employers home everywhere you’ll find your self you can apply as savvy advice. A couple of days ago my wife and I updated our cell phones. The associate that helped us never smiled the whole time she was helping us. I made it a point to remember her name. At the end of the transaction I made sure I said her name during the time we finish the transaction and guess what I got her to smile! It was a smile of pure delight that I remembered her name. Her face lit up like sunshine! And when I was walking out the store she said have a great day and said my name as well. I can go on and on how this really works in many other situations but this narrative may get a little too long. And boy this really works like magic!


i Love that book


There are egregious typos throughout this edition. This is a scam by this publisher. Spend a little more and get a proper version.


I was texting a girl while reading the book and our relationship was amazing at first went out a few times before but slowly our conversations started to become less frequent and eventually it seemed like we didn’t even want to speak to each other. I decided to try out the principles that Dale Carnegie covers and as expected it actually worked out. Our conversations are fun and thriving all by me tweaking myself slightly. Instead of speaking about myself and my personal experiences I listen to her and in turn, she tells me everything. Thank you to Dale Carnegie for an amazing book


Truly changed the way I talk to people. Helped me understand others’ perspective. Highly recommend this book!


Would have been 5 stars if not for the pervasive grammatical mistakes


This was a fantastic read. I come back to this book several times a year because the content relates to life in and out of work and serves as a guide to success. You’ll feel empowered and motivated with each chapter. Highly recommend!

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