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By: Jen Sincero

Relase Date: 2013-04-23

Genre: Self-Improvement, Self-Development

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I love this book and can't recommend it enough!! I am usually not a book person but I could not put this book down!!!


I can’t say enough great things about this empowering book! I have told all of my friends to read it and I’m tell you to read it as well! This book encourages you to think and get motivated about the great life you have ahead of you.


I really enjoyed this book!


Overall this book was a great read! Jen really makes it cut throat how easy it is we can change our lives no matter what it is we got going on. She gives us the basic steps in order to make our lives have more of a fulfillment meaning to it. I recommend this book to anyone who needs a bit of a guidance and wants to get a more clear picture on how to get to the point in their lives they so wish to be at already.

The Hero of Wolfeboro

I was recently in a severe accident where a car drove off the road and hit my work truck that I was loading and crushed me in between then sent me flying. When I awoke from the coma in ICU I somehow had a very positive attitude towards life and nothing negative to say or feel about the woman who had hit me. After my cousin (who had OD on heroin and then quit because of that life changing event) introduced my fiancé, my other cousin, and her fiancé to this book some months later I bought the audio book and listened to it all. Twice! It concreted my new personality of being happy and hoping for the best, only now I knew that the best was coming instead of just hoping. I can’t say this book changed my life, because that horrible day on December 5th 2017 changed my life, but this book was the mortar my new brick foundation. I recommend this book to everyone, and I believe in life being happy, even if crappy things do happen sometimes. Thank you, Jen Sincero, you have been a hero to many!

Doña Santana

It’s always helpful to get non biased opinions, the fact that I reviewed that from this book is simply amazing. I thank you and I applaud you! Keep doing what you do!



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