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Nickname, Enter A.

Although well written, I found the premise of this book to be unbelievable. I just had a hard time with suspension of disbelief. I’ve heard a lot of people rave about this story. Perhaps my expectations were too high. I’d certainly still read it to pass the time, but it just never fully grabbed me. Overrated😐


I read this book in two days. Beautifully written, wonderful characters. I was right next to Kya as she taught me about survival, nature and love


A love story and a murder mystery ! So easy to follow

jenni ren

Excellent book! The description of the Marsh transports you the world of Kya. You’ll find yourself feeling each emotion with depth. This book is beautiful, and I could not recommend it more!!


This is a wonderful book and I hated to see it end!

Parsons D.

The most captivating and beautifully articulated murder mysteries I have ever read. Definitely a book I intend to add to my collection in order to read again in the years to come.

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