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By: Michelle Obama

Relase Date: 2018-11-13

Genre: Biographies & Memoirs,

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Wouldn’t waste my time on this one. A lot of trees died so this waste of space could exist. Littered with hate and racism.


Melania is FIRST LADY and this bozo needs to be gone from our biased media. Do not buy this brainwashing!!

Priti 1214

A true heartfelt | honest | “real” perspective of an amazing human that constantly believed & manifested that fact that anything is possible. Michelle thank you for sharing your life journey with grace and humility. Harprit B.


Becoming was beautifully written threw the eyes of Michelle and in her own words. It offered insights into her childhood and her life with Barack. It was an easy read and I could not put it down until I finished the book. I would recommend this book to everyone.


I’ve bought this book 3 times already (2 as gifts, one for myself), an I’ll buy another to donate to my local library. First Lady Obama is truly a woman of class, intelligence, and inspiration.


I raised a young, rising Democrat (the youngest elected Democrat State Representative at only 20 years old) in the most conservative county in Arkansas as a single mother, and Michelle Obama’s wonderful book reminds me why it is so important for him to keep pursuing his passion to use politics as a way of helping the world around us move forward in hope for better. Politics can seem a hellish future to see your only beloved child run proudly towards, but it Can make a difference as this lovely walk through Michelle Obama’s life has reminded me. It was truly a gift to read.


Michelle Obama is an anchor of strength. Through her candor writing, she taught me much about the struggle and beauty that is our highest political office. But, mostly, she spoke to my heart as a woman and mother; I am grateful.

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