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By: Michelle Obama

Relase Date: 2018-11-13

Genre: Biographies & Memoirs,

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Wasted $15, didn’t even finish it. 5 stars is blatantly dishonest and disservice. Save your money and check it out of the library for free.


Michelle Obama is an anchor of strength. Through her candor, she taught me much about the struggle and beauty that is our highest political office. But, mostly, she spoke to my heart as a woman and mother; I am grateful.


This is simply not worth the effort. Full of the left’s agenda and desire to change America to be like or worse than the rest of the world. Only wish you had a negative star rating. This deserves a negative 10 rating.


Michael.... great book from Michael. So happy he decided to write a book. Seems a bit negative but he has always been a bit on the glass half empty side of things. Either way good for him!


Ms. Obama illuminates realities about race, class, and achievement in America from a perspective that nobody else has ever had—the African-American daughter of a municipal worker in the south side of Chicago who grew up to live in the White House. While the apex she reached is unique, the challenges of being a black woman of achievement in America is universal and compelling. She illuminates the challenges of being a working mother, a black professional, a force for empowerment of the underprivileged in the worlds of law, medicine, academia, and politics. It is so refreshing to learn about the President from his life partner. The picture she paints of her husband disproves the lies about his “lack of vetting” without putting him on a pedestal. And her story brings the People’s House to life in a way that honors and democratizes it. Truly one of the best memoirs of the decade.


Amazing story, written in a way that makes Michelle so accessible. She became like a friend sitting in my couch telling me stories.


Why was the book so long but it was so good but I do wish is was only 400 pages long

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