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Zanthe Rules

Ugh. Really? Balduchi has lost it apparently. Awful crazy unbelievable plot like some kind of fairy tale you tell you’re kids at bedtime. Same on you Dav8d.


Love the character Attlee Pine and look forward to more of her stories.

SLZ Tahoe

Preposterous!!!. The plot, the characters, the writing etc. Just hard to believe this dud from a good writer who I’ve enjoyed in the past. I didn’t understand the ending, but hope this character doesn’t reappear.


This was not nearly up to par. I had a hard time following. It seemed to ramble with government conspiracy mixed with geopolitics. I almost did not finish.


First book I have been disappointed with. Began with interesting story line but then dropped almost immediately. A new line developed that had potential but went to far off the rails. So many great characters that have been forgotten. Robbie, maxwell, camel club. puller. We are all entitled for a miss hope the next book gets back on track.

Connelly fan

Agree with other reviewers. I am open to the new character and curious to see her story line continue... but this book was unlike any of his prior books - and I’ve read them all. Disappointing and far from prior quality. Like it was written by someone else altogether.


Good heroine; interesting and moving at first; drifted into “far fetched” toward the end.

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