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By: Kim Edwards

Relase Date: 2006-05-30

Genre: Fiction & Literature, Literary

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Sophomoric & overwritten , plus every character & every event is detailed to death. The 1-star rating is for the one character that was interesting. The rest aren’t even likable or relatable. I honestly can’t believe the editors allowed this book to be put into print. It’s by far, one of the worst I’ve ever wasted my time on. Skip it!!


This was an emotional story about life and the rippling affect choices make on the lives of others. Although I did not agree with the choice of the father, I can understand it. I have 3 children, two of which have developmental delays. The days are wonderful and hard at the same time. When my daughter is old enough to have children I wonder if she will have parallelizing fear of having her own children or if she will be able to accept fate knowing there is a strong possibility her child could have the same challenges. Time will tell.


A riveting and unexpected story that intertwines the realities of choices made that cannot be unmade. Consequences of one man’s choice that affected the lives of many, lived out over a quarter century.




Don't waste your time! I kept thinking it would get better, but it just drug on! Disappointed

Indeed sleep and loss and grief and joy. It keeps you involved to the very end


Is it delivered to me or put on my phone????

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