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But I didn’t expect the story to be so interesting. It’s so good. Ends of chapters left me saying “just one more” till I missed hours of sleep. I loved this book and I’m not really a book reader.


This book is in so many ways different than the movie. They are two different stories and the book is definitely better. Once you start you cannot stop.

Riley Welker

There’s three Sci-Fi authors I would recommend to everyone: Orson Scott Card, Isaac Asimov, and Michael Crichton.

gabe donovan

The characters are more serious and more scary. John Hammond one dark Walt Disney doesn’t care about the park the dinosaurs or even his own grandchildren just money and himself. Alan a very brilliant hero . Ellie one tough girl . Ian a very outgoing mathematic. Donald genaro has a big part in the book fears that the dinosaurs and the park are too dangerous. Henry Wu knew that making a dinosaur from dna was a big mistake he’s ever done and knew that things would happen. Robert the game warden has a better part drinking and mistakes rexy from a she to a he . Timmy and lex much better Tim much older and lex younger . Dennis nedry I like his death better the dilophosaurs spiting in his face and slicing his tummy and feeling his own intense boy is that so scary . And more dinosaurs in the book apatosaurus euploephalus hipsolophadont Othelia dryosaurs coelurosaurs styracosaurs triceratops stegosaurus microceatops procompsognathus dilophosaurs cearadactylus velociraptor and Tyrannosaurus rex aka rexy and the juvenile rex . I say this book is the best adult book for me and 12 year old boys and girls . But for little kids no too scary. Only the junior novels .


Bestseller and I love ❤️ it


Read it, immediately!


Jurassic Park is truly a classic. It’s responsible for one of the best movie series. The book is so fun to read and has lots of interesting differences from the movie adaptation.

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