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By: Lee Child

Relase Date: 2014-09-02

Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers,

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Very long drawn out , boring book. Not his best.


I cannot wait till new jack comes out. But if you put Tom Cruise short whimpy Tom Cruise in another jack reacher movie I will burn all my copies and never read ur books again. Picture this all the people who read and love JACK 6/5 big hands broad shoulders good looking. Now picture this. 5/5 maybe less small hand whimpy voice small feet. Oh god makes me sick thinking about it. I’ve seen what others have written about Tom ugh playing Jack and their words were the same as mine. What joker would cast the least person that could play a part. Was it alcohol day then or what. Please please there are several guys who could play jack. Get them I didn’t even watch the last jack movie I would have sat there throwing up and being mad. Donna Swanstrom


If I were to list all the things I expect when reading a Reacher book, having my mind wander and finding myself a little bit bored would not normally be included. This book, however, just didn't grab me like virtually every other book in the series. The plot was interesting, if typically ludicrous, but I just had a hard time paying attention or even caring in parts. I hope this isn't the start of a trend, but this one just wasn't my favorite.

Tammy AR

Good story line


I love the Jack Reacher series and hope many of them will be made into movies. I know the purists don't particularly like Tom Cruise playing Reacher but I think he displays the right amount of swagger. All that being said, I think this book was "mailed in" by Lee Child or ghost written. The style doesn't match any of the previous novels.


As usual Jack Reacher is at his best. Always thinking, always calculating and always planning ! Never count him out !


I am still trying to get through this very boring book. It is by far the worst of Jack Reacher. No action all just boring stuff that I read to put me to sleep. Only gave it three stars hoping the next will be better. I'm always waiting for the next one but sorry I bought this one. Hope you haven't killed Jack with this one Mr. Child

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