FVBIA brain injury rock

Awareness & Prevention

Why is it so important to wear a helmet? 

Why are concussions such a big deal?  

FVBIA promotes brain injury prevention in our communities.

Coloring for Prevention

June is Brain Injury Awareness Month


Bike Safety Prevention

Coloring pages for download…

Kindness Rocks

Painted rocks by Judy & her daughter

“The purpose is simple; to cultivate connections within communities and lift others up through simple acts of kindness.”

Especially fun for people who “Can’t Draw/Paint” and believe they have “No Artistic Ability”

The Challenge

Create some painted rocks that can be shared within your local community


  • Cheap, easy, fun, sharable
  • Focuses on positive feelings such as kindness, gratitude, joy
  • Who doesn’t love a hand painted rock made specially for them?
  • Can be done with felt markers or paint
  • Individuals work at home but are part of a larger group that comes together thru emails to share their work and experiences
  • Once physical isolation ends, a “You Rock Party” will be scheduled to celebrate our post-COVID lives

Rock Painting with Markers

Dot Painting for Beginners

Safety Presentations & Booths

Bike Rodeos

Every year, FVBIA provides education about bike safety and helmets to over 2000 Grade 1 and Grade 3 students in partnership with the Chilliwack Safety Village to answer these very important questions.

FVBIA does bike rodeos in Hope and Agassiz.

Safety Fair

Then the 3 day fair in Chilliwack, the Safety fair in chilliwack and Safer Cities in chilliwack

Party in the park and the girl guides. 

At these events we set up a booth with colouring pages and literature on bike safety and the need for helmets.

Safety Wheel

Spin and answer a safety related question or a question on what the brain helps you to do, as well as bike and helmet questions. After the question is answered they get candy. Always a big draw. 

FVBIA also provides:

  • General information on acquired brain injury
  • Presentations on prevention and awareness of brain injury
  • Education for family members, including children and siblings of survivors
  • Training and education for professionals

If you are looking for more information, presentations on brain injury and prevention or support because you or someone you know has had an acquired brain injury, please contact us.