Brain Injury Golf Classic Photos & Results

Thank you for attending the Brain Injury Golf Classic! This event grossed almost $40,000.00 in an unprecedented pandemic year plus a thunderstorm delay. We hope you had a great time and look forward to hosting you again next year! We apologize profusely for the inconvenience with the delayed start and thank you for your patience. It was … Read more Brain Injury Golf Classic Photos & Results

Brain Injury 50/50 Jackpot Draw

CURRENT 50/50 JACKPOT$1,150WINNER TAKES HALF 50/50 tickets are: 5-Ticket Pack for $10; 15-Ticket Pack for $20  ORDER TICKETS Deadline is October 2, 2020 Tickets may be sold and purchased in British Columbia only. Orders will not be accepted via the Internet from anyone outside the Province of British Columbia or any non-residents of British Columbia.

“I learned to love and accept the new simplified me”

The year before my accident, mom was in hospital with a suspected heart attack. I was caring for a rebellious teenage daughter, mom, a two-acre property with horses and animals, plus my professional speaking and writing business, with two books on their way to be published in the USA in spring, 2005. I then had to deal with all this and a serious contra-coupe traumatic brain injury.

Symptoms of a Brain Injury

Symptoms of ABI

Symptoms can range from none to mild pain at the site of the injury, bleeding or lack of consciousness. Indications that the injury needs medical attention include: Loss of consciousness. Continued headaches, and headaches that get worse. Nausea and vomiting, particularly in adults. Seizures. Confusion. Loss of memory of events surrounding injury. Drowsiness or lack … Read more Symptoms of a Brain Injury

What is Acquired Brain Injury (ABI)?

What is abi

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines Acquired Brain Injury as an injury to the brain which is not hereditary, congenital or degenerative. Some of the causes of brain injury include a blow to the head, whiplash injuries, seizure disorders, tumors or anoxic/hypoxic events (cardiopulmonary arrest, carbon monoxide poisoning, airway obstruction) infectious diseases and toxic exposure … Read more What is Acquired Brain Injury (ABI)?